Full service crisis response alternative solution for leaders and organizations to address ongoing needs to curate virtual space for the well-being of our communities.   . Facilitate Group Here...Coach Here...Teach Here...Book Club Here...Conference Here...Hold An Office Here in our secure creative space.

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Personal Development Education | Free Business Resource Library | Public Co-Working Space | Curriculum Design | Drop-In Webinar Space | Virtual Course Space | Virtual Office Space | Digital E-Book Store | International Resources and so much more...  

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Minority Black Woman Enterprise | Historically Underutilized Business Certified | Built For Us, By Us, To Serve Us.

Welcome to Audacity Leadership Institute, an initiative of Audacity Group Social Enterprise (TM)

Imagine a culture where you can thrive in unity with other like-minded helping professionals, living in purpose; defining and creating themselves in a community of compassion for each other's growth; pooling resources; and creating what we would like to see in the world--wellbeing.  

Freedom is possible...
Freedom from lack
Freedom from debt...
Freedom from bondage.

Imagine standing in your purpose; extending your earning power; creating opportunities for yourself and those you support over and over as a creator; speaker, peer support, facilitator, consultant, teacher, writer, investor; all while building wealth...  

If you knew that we have everything we need including you, would you be a bystander? Your family and community is waiting on you.
 A culture of well-being is achieved in unity (a collective--on one accord with another); in an environment of collective work and responsibility (in service to community); to create cooperative economics (pool our resources); where we stand in our purpose; using our creativity to build wealth; in faith (believing what we cannot see but know is true). Together we can create cultures of wellbeing where we develop, measure, scale, and sustain to affirm our human social value across the globe. 

Audacity Leadership Institute (A.L.I.)™ was created as an alternative to dominant institutional cultures for our well-being.

What is A.L.I.?

 A.L.I. is a global learning management system and creators space for Innovative Approaches to Manifest Wealth and Excellence (I.A.M.W.E.) TM as global leaders;    designed for us, by us, to serve us as we co-design cultures of well-being we wish to see in the world through social entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship + movement), complete with an online digital e-book store, co-working space, course rooms for global educators and exchange network of digital resources to help YOU on your professional journey.   

Our Proclamation

Business Tools | Business Credit Tools | Investing Tools | Research Tools | Marketing Tools | Nonprofit Resources | Professional Organizations | Foundations | Learn A New Culture.  Access Free ALI Exchange Network in an economy accessible by twenty-five million people and 198 nations.  

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This photo contains individuals gathered in a public meeting space representative of the virtual public community room.

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